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Rachel Hilling didn’t settle for a conventional career path. Captivated by the world of trades, she decided to become an HVAC technician as a single mother of two. Today, she has mentored thousands of tradespeople across Canada, sharing timely advice about the trades in Canada. Rachel Hilling provides mentorship and new opportunities to the economically disadvantaged, women and minorities, to help position them to enter the trades. 


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI)

Championing equity, diversity and inclusion is one of Rachel Hilling’s top priorities as a woman in the trades in Canada. She’s all about breaking barriers and transcending the status quo. 

Products and Energy Rebates

Rachel Hilling is an advocate for green energy. Not only for environmental reasons, but because it allows families to take advantage of energy rebates and save money.

Trade Advice and Resources

Capitalizing on her experience, Rachel Hilling offers timely advice from a unique perspective. As a woman in the trades, she endeavours to support people who want to follow in her footsteps. 

Rachel Hilling

"There's still a lot of work to do for not only women, but visible minorities in the trades."

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“Becoming an electrician would have been a cleaner job, but I decided to become an HVAC Technician.” 

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Rachel Hilling in the Media

Rachel Hilling has been featured online for championing women’s rights as well as promoting diversity within the trades for visible minorities and people with disabilities. By advocating for an equitable and diverse workforce, she is helping Canadians on two fronts: by helping them break into successful careers, and by bolstering the Canadian economy one step at a time by encouraging more people to get involved in the trades.  

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